Tangled FX for iOS  

Tired of all the same old photo effects? Want something new and fresh?

Be the first to use the brand new Tangled effect and surprise your friends. Create art from images with just a touch of a button.

Watch the magic unfold in an animated photo process. You would never expect that your photos had such beauty hidden in them. All those tangled strokes, strings and swirls just pop out. And all of this in full HD 8-megapixel photo resolution.

Tangled FX is also a great showcase of how much heavy processing you can achieve on your small and handy device. All of this thanks to the shear awesomeness of your device's GPU computational power. Great buy :)

What critics say:

Mac|Life - David Biedny
"4/5 - GREAT ... The overall effect is really quite distinctive and visually pleasing - and this is coming from someone who has seen 20 years of Photoshop filter development and other graphics wizardry."

148apps - Jennifer Allen
"4/5 - SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE ... Tangled FX offers a variety of different filters to make those iOS photos look all the better."

AppleNApps - Trevor Sheridan
"Tangled FX is a top notch photo effects app that truly stands out in a crowded App Store, and provides such value making it worth picking up."

PhotoCruncher - Nicky Sanford
"If you are looking for a wildly fun and exciting way to spice up your photos, Tangled FX, by Orange Qube, is an app that will do just that."
Link with good start tutorial

Combo Apps featured on Life In LoFi - Tina L Rice
"What I like the most about Tangled FX is you can do really crazy looking outlines with an electric looking effect to your photo editing."
Link with in-depth explanation and original at Combo Apps

Touch Lab - タッチ ラボ - Nakimo

i comme photo - Yann Lebecque
[Translated by author] "In a nutshell : very original and producing versatile results, Tangled FX will surely please the graphic processing buffs. A must have!"
Link to review + great photos

[Translated] "Thanks to Tangled FX you can add amazing effects to your photos - even I, who tested many image proccesing applications, have not seen anything like it in the App Store."

Iphonefoto - Tomáš Tesař
[Google translated] "Hot news today is undoubtedly putting expected fotoaplikace Tangled FX . Pre warn those who are waiting for another typical photo app. Not at all."
Link ... psst, there is a translate button

Karenmessickiphone - Karen L Messick
"Tangled FX is one that caught my eye for its full resolution and interesting filter effects."


New original photo effect with astonishing results

Rendering at full photo resolution with preview mode so you can quickly see the effects

And two sample images showing the effect possibilities to get you started That are the same images used in the first two screenshots so try it yourself :)

Tune the final effect to your liking or switch to advanced settings to have full control over the effect

Save your custom preset and share it in a clickable link form

Tangled FX Takes full advantage of your device GPU pushing it to the max

Share to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Mail, Camera roll, Clipboard or open in any other photo app

Quickly find and join the tangling community and share your creations

So you can enjoy it on your iPhone iPod Touch and iPad

... and an inside manual just in case :)

(For iPhone 4 max photo resolution limited from 2592x1936 to 2024x1536 pixels because of hardware restrictions. All other devices handle the full photo resolution of the camera and even more.)

Want more ?

Use and search for the official #tangledfx hashtag on Instagram and Twitter or see this thread at Mobitog. And now a Flickr group